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Can your Truckload Carrier beat our 53' Door to Door rate (All Inclusive)?

Savannah Market

Gateway City Origin Gateway City Destination Gateway Price
Savannah 31408 Los Angeles 90731 $2,955
Savannah 31408 Seattle 98158 $4,005
Savannah 31408 Denver 80249 $4,175
Savannah 31408 Phoenix 85009 $4,255
Denver 80249 Savannah 31408 $3,205
Seattle 98158 Savannah 31408 $3,875
Phoenix 85009 Savannah 31408 $4,685
Los Angeles 90731 Savannah 31408 $4,755

Pricing is all inclusive (Includes F.S.C) for door to door delivery. Pickup and destination zip code must be within 30 miles of the zip code listed. If delivery is beyond 30 miles call for pricing. This is a live load and live unload rate. Non Haz-Mat shipments only. Chassis and drop charges will apply for non live load/unloaded shipments. This is a spot quote rate. Transit times are based on the pickup date and can range from 5-15 days depending on the date picked up. These rates can be locked in if capacity is available on the date of pickup. 

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